Resumes and Interviewing

Tips for landing a great job

Learn how you can impress prospective employers both on paper and in person.


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Writing Your First Resume

How to create a compelling first resume

Real-life Resume Examples

As with so many things in life, accounting resumes fall into a few simple categories. Most are okay. Some are terrific. And a few… whew! Let’s just say they’re lucky if they hit a hiring manager’s recycle pile on their way out the door. Here are some examples to help you see the difference.


There are a few factors that go into a successful interview — learn about them here.

What to Know for Your First Job Interview

Most accounting graduates realize the importance of their first round of job interviews. A good job offer can set your career in motion and can help determine your future direction. But while these interviews can be nerve-wracking, they can also be a learning experience for soon-to-be-CPAs, who want to start their profession on a positive note. Five young CPAs offered anecdotes about what they wished they had known going into their early interviewing experience.

How to Succeed in the Interview

Learn how to make yourself as hirable as possible. 

Managing your online presence

Social media can be a great way to communicate your worth to potential employers — discover tips in this section.

Dos and Don'ts for Social Media

How to make a good impression with your social media presence.