Exam Overview

The Uniform CPA Examination

Get a clear idea of the scope of the exam, from submitting your application to getting your scores, and know how to succeed when you take it.

Understanding the Exam

It’s a good idea to get a high-level of understanding of the exam before you begin studying. Start by learning the basics.  For a deeper dive into the CPA Exam, including how the 18-month test-taking process works, check out the CPA Exam Booklet. Of course, the exam is regularly updated to stay current with real-world accounting practices and policies. 

Exam sections and format

The exam is given in four sections — Auditing & Attestation (AUD), Business Environment & Concepts (BEC), Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR) and Regulation (REG). To learn more about those sections and on what you’ll be tested, the Exam Blueprints can help.

Do you know what’s changed in the latest CPA Exam Blueprints?

The AICPA Exam’s team published its CPA Exam Blueprints (effective July 1, 2019) earlier this month. Read more to get a quick overview of the changes.

How the CPA Exam breaks down

You take one section at a time and then move on to the next one, all over the course of 18 months. You have the option of taking the exams in whatever order suits you. Knowing the differences between the sections can also help you schedule them in a way that maximizes your odds of success. 

Who are the Parties Involved in the CPA Exam?

Get to know who writes, oversees, and scores the exam