Community College

A rewarding career in accounting is waiting for you.

We have the resources and tools to help you attain it.

The Profession: Accounting offers it all

It’s an in-demand career that comes with a good salary, plenty of opportunity and lots of benefits.

Learn more about what CPAs actually do

CPA. Those three letters symbolize prestige, potential and a pretty sizeable salary. But what these professionals actually do ranges widely from one Certified Public Accountant to the next. Let’s start with the basics.

Put on your shades to get a glimpse of what CPAs earn

If there’s one thing you will not be complaining about as a CPA, it’s your salary. Even new grads are offered a sizable sum. Here’s an overview.

Find Your Fit in the wide and diverse world of accounting

There are so many possibilities in accounting, confusion is practically a given. Especially when it comes to picking that first job. But don’t succumb to the heart palpitations just yet—use this tool to find your fit.

Getting there: Your education is key

It’s all about making sure you’ve got the accounting knowledge to get where you want to go.

Tips for making the most of community college and beyond

If becoming a CPA is on your horizon, the quality of your education throughout college and grad school matters. When reviewing your application for licensure, State Boards of Accountancy typically evaluate the quality of your education based on whether your institution and maybe even your business school are accredited.

Why you should get in good with your academic advisor

It’s time to figure out what to do there -–including what college courses you should take. The great thing is that there’s someone who knows all of this – your academic advisor.

Get the experience you need on your path to becoming a CPA

So you’re interested in the CPA profession but you don’t have the degree or experience to get the job yet? Well there’s no replacement for getting the education you need, but acquiring a competitive advantage can be done in all sorts of ways. Consider a few of these ideas to give yourself a leg up on the competition upon graduation.

Consider these six tips for prepping for your career while in college

You’ve probably been thinking about that dream job for a while now. Since you already know that you want that great gig, it’s probably a good idea to start lining yourself up for it now, right?

Learn the science behind an A+ study group

Starting a study group is kind of like those elementary school science projects you remember: You can learn a lot and it can be fun, but, if you don't mix the right stuff together, it might explode.

What's next: After community college

You’re saving money and getting the basics taken care of now. But don’t forget to look to the future, too.

See about a 4-year program when you Transfer Your Way to CPA

The essential guide to transferring to a four-year accounting program

Figure out where to transfer next with our college search

Search scads of schools with AACSB or ACBSP accreditation to find the one with everything you're after.

Bolster your resume when you join the AICPA for free

If you want the letters C-P-A at the end of your name, then you’ll definitely want to join the organization that already has them at the end of theirs. AICPA is *the* leading professional organization for CPAs—plus they write the CPA Exam, so you obviously want to get to know them. Being an AICPA Student Affiliate Member means you’ll have access to tons of great stuff to help you get all the way to CPA. And best of all, it’s free.

Apply for the AICPA Foundation Two-year Transfer Scholarship Award

The award provides financial assistance to students looking to transfer from a two-year college to a four-year institution to complete their degree in accounting or an accounting-related field.