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Whether you’ve recently passed the CPA Exam or are still in the planning stages, we’re here to support you (and cheer you on) along the way.

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Much like graduation, engagements, or marriages, passing the CPA Exam is a life event you’ll want to share with everyone you know. When announcing your hard-earned accomplishment on social media, make sure to tag #IPassedCPA to join in on the celebration!

Not sure what to say? Feel free to use these example posts:

  • “4 sections, 16 hours of testing, hundreds of practice questions, and countless hours of studying. I am so excited to announce that I have passed the CPA Exam in its entirety! #IPassedCPA”
  • “BEST. NEWS. EVER. I passed the CPA Exam! CPA, here I come #IPassedCPA”
  • “I can officially say I am a soon-to-be a CPA, because I've passed all 4 parts of the CPA Exam! #IPassedCPA”

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Haven't passed all sections yet?

We have the resources to help you power through:

  • 8 tips for creating a successful CPA Exam schedule: College accounting students may relish their graduation, but most know what soon lies ahead: the rigorous four-part CPA Exam. Planning, studying, and designing a workable timeline is key to success.
  • How to maintain your social life while studying for the CPA Exam: During the time leading up to the CPA Exam, students may avoid friends, family, and social gatherings, citing no time to do much except work and study. But detaching oneself from others can be isolating and can cause rifts in valued relationships if not handled properly.
  • Finding the study style that fits you: There is a lot of material to cover when studying for the CPA Exam, before you begin, you need to figure out how you learn and study best so you can retain and comprehend the most information.