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State Requirements


State & Territory Requirements

Last Updated 2/28/2020


Age Requirement No
Citizenship Requirement No
Residency Requirement Yes
Social Security # Requirement Yes
Education Requirement for Licensure 150 hours (including B.A.)
Participates in International Examination Program Yes
Hours in Accounting: Graduate degree from a business school with 24 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in undergraduate or 15 hours in graduate level accounting or B.A. or higher degree with 24 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in accounting at the upper or graduate level
Exam sitting requirements: B.A. or completion of B.A. within 120 days
Experience Requirements: 1 year experience in public practice, government, industry or academia.
Ethics Exam: Must pass AICPA Professional Ethics Exam for initial licensure
State Society

Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants

Membership Department


1650 West 82nd Street

Suite 600

Bloomington, MN



State Board


In the case of a nonresident, the application must be supported by a statement that the applicant is currently, or will have been within the 90 days preceding or following the date of the CPA examination applied for, a resident of Minnesota, attending a school in Minnesota in which the applicant is seeking education designed to qualify the applicant to sit for the CPA examination, or working in Minnesota for the purpose of obtaining qualifying experience
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