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Yaeger CPA Review – Yaeger CPA Review

Format: Online, USB, Book/Print Material

State(s): All

Average Cost: $1,211

Average Rating: 5

Textbook: Online, Book/Print Material

Technical Support: 1-800-824-2811

Accounting Support: 1-800-824-2811

Online Tutorial: Yes


With over 40 years of helping candidates prepare and pass the CPA exam, Yaeger CPA Review offers self-study CPA review programs.

We combine computer technology with a traditional in-the-classroom teaching style. Our 2017 course includes all new Yaeger-authored textbooks, videos, quiz generators, and practice exams, all redeveloped to incorporate the required AICPA blueprints.

The AICPA blueprints are the backbone of our review course. According to the AICPA, the blueprints should be the “primary preparation resource” for CPA candidates and are an “essential study tool.”

Yaeger is a teaching course, not a memorization based, mnemonic heavy program. Our instructors explain concepts through easy-to-understand lectures. They reinforce your understanding of those concepts by working multiple choice questions and simulations with you. You learn by listening to lectures then you apply those concepts to answering questions. The goal is for candidates to learn what they need to know and understand why they are doing it.

You get EVERYTHING you need to pass for one price. Included in the course bundle (or sold separately) is the Yaeger CPA Review CRAM course. Designed as a final wrap-up, CRAM lectures focus on key concepts a candidate must know to pass and supplement his/her initial review, no matter what review course he/she used for initial study.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Prices and discount offers are subject to change. Yaeger CPA Review does not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price reduction or promotional offering.

Repeat Policy:

All former students qualify for discounted rates if their course has expired. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Also, students who have failed with another review course, or who have attempted the exam without a review course and failed, are eligible for our Second Chance Discount program. Contact customer service for current discount program information.

Access Limitations:

Students who purchase the course bundles (either four-part bundles or individual sections) are granted 18 months of access to free content and software updates. Yaeger CRAM course purchases grant six months of access.


Kenneth A on March 18, 2021 at 5:03PM said:

I'm currently an Intern and a graduate student who passed all four parts of the CPA. And I've used Yaeger CPAs review materials throughout my journey and they deserve all the good credit they get. The lectures are perfect for anyone who enjoys an environment that is similar to sitting in a classroom, their multiple choice questions are resourceful, the textbook is written clearly, and the support team is absolutely outstanding. Without Yaeger CPA I don't know if I would've passed the CPA exam. I highly recommend anyone to look into Yaeger if they need a review program for the CPA or even want to use their supplement products for their studies.

User rating: 5

Bobby C on March 1, 2021 at 8:03PM said:

I used Yaeger CPA review as my primary review material and thanks to Phil and his team I have passed all four sections. I am a 46 year old working professional and I can not speak highly enough of the approach his team takes to help you pass. With Yaeger CPA review you get one on one help when you need it the most. Yaeger's review material provides you with everything you need to know to pass each section, and unlike others the instructors are available to answer questions. On my last exam FAR I really needed a little more than academic help, I needed encouragement and someone to tell me to push through and focus. That was what I needed to pass that last section. If you are looking for a review system that gives you everything you need; written material, videos, a cram, and a coach Yaeger is the right choice. Phil, Ron, and Sonny will get you there!

User rating: 5

Angie J on January 31, 2021 at 3:01PM said:

I've tried Becker and Gleim study materials. I find the Yeager system superior to both. No matter how you learn, you'll find that all of the options will allow you to study in a way that meets your needs. The personalized assistance is also second to none if you have difficulty with a concept. I just passed my first part after taking an over 20 year break in attempting the exam. These materials work!

User rating: 5

William R on March 21, 2020 at 12:03PM said:

I just passed my last CPA exam. Finally finished my journey of passing all parts of the CPA. Taking the Yaeger course made this possible.

There was tremendous amount of great material provided in this course. Excellent videos, cram courses, books that outline the blue prints, cards, question banks and most importantly direct support from outstanding CPA experts. Phil Yaeger himself and other great instructors such as Ron are always willing to help directly and provide great knowledge of how to prepare for this test. This support is second to none.

This course provides so much more and at a much lower price than the competition. Highly recommend this course. You can pass this exam with great support without going broke. This is the course that will help you pass the extremely tough exams.

Thank you Phil, Ron and Sonny.



User rating: 5

Brian R on December 30, 2019 at 5:12PM said:

I used this program from the beginning of my CPA journey and when I buckled down and used the program it really helped me in preparing me for each exam. There are great video lectures along with electronic books and plenty of practice questions. Although I didn't use it, they were more then willing to answer questions at any time of the day and even on the weekends. Would highly recommend.

User rating: 5

Zach R on August 18, 2019 at 9:08PM said:

Passed FAR in 5 Weeks using Yaeger. I used the Gold Subscription plan and was super happy with it. I used the unlimited video chat feature maybe a half dozen times to speak with an actual college professor about topics I was struggling with. That was a game changer for me and think its probably the most underrated feature of the study program. Starting AUD study soon and plan on using Yaeger the whole way through.

User rating: 5

Nick G on July 16, 2018 at 4:07PM said:

I have had such a wonderful experience with Yaeger CPA review's content and staff. I passed the REG section with an 84. Throughout my studies Sonny and the rest of the crew were very responsive to any questions i had. They provided timely detailed responses and stuck with me until i really understood the material. The new Adaptapass feature is very intuitive and allows you to track your progress as you go. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with the goal of becoming a CPA. Plus, you can't beat the price anywhere.

User rating: 5

Allison K on May 17, 2018 at 9:05PM said:

All of my friends told me to use Becker and I saw how much money Becker was and I started to look for other options. I came across Yaeger and I decided on them because of everything they offered. After purchasing Yaeger I was highly satisfied with everything they offered. The lessons were informational, not too long, and helped me pass all 4 sections! Would highly recommend!

User rating: 4

Shanea A. on April 9, 2018 at 9:04AM said:

After researching review programs I decided on Yaeger CPA Review because it was the best program for my learning style and it was cost effective. I had graduated with my Masters in Accounting in the year prior but I wanted to deeply understand the concepts that were tested. I believe that Yaeger taught me the concepts in an easy to understand format and provides the resources to practice the topics effectively. They also provide great customer service. I know that Yaeger was very beneficial to me to passing all four parts within 18 months.

User rating: 4

Jason U on October 1, 2017 at 9:10AM said:

The Yaeger CPA preparation strategy and materials were key to my successful completion of CPA. There is a breadth of high quality tools available to students with various study styles such as the web-based courses, quiz/exam questions, and even 1:1 Q&A support. The Yaeger team was always there for me to support my study program so am very pleased that I selected Yeager CPA.

User rating: 5

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