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MDS CPA Review – MDS CPA Review

Format: Online, Book/Print Material, Classroom

State(s): All

Average Cost: $1,450

Average Rating: 1

Textbook: Online, Book/Print Material

Technical Support: 614-229-5371

Accounting Support: 614-229-5371

Online Tutorial: Yes


Steve Martin, owner and instructor, has been teaching CPA review for nearly 30 years. With the MDS Tutor Self-Study System, candidates get personal assistance from the owner/instructor, books (written solely by MDS), flash cards, online videos and homework software and free repeat privileges upon completion.

MDS offers live classroom instruction.

For additional information, visit www.mdscpareview.com

Refund Policy:

Provided that all of the materials are returned in a pristine condition, we have a 2 week no questions asked return and refund policy for a self-study student. See website for details.

Repeat Policy:

If you do everything you can do to pass the exam, we will continue to do everything we can do too! Earning Free Repeat allows you to re-access to your Study Buddy homework and videos for free, so long as you have attempted the exam twice within the immediately preceding 12 month period. See website for details.

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James S on December 21, 2014 at 2:12PM said:

I stumbled upon MDS while doing some research online. I went onto the website and really liked the idea that Steve Martin was formerly with Becker and had been teaching CPA candidates for over 20 years. However, what I soon realized after failing Audit (with a 71) and failing BEC is that the program was deficient in many areas:

1. The biggest issue with the program is that a lot of what Steve said would not be heavily tested ended up being heavily tested. I know that there are thousands of multiple choice questions that can be given for any section of the test on any day, but there were several topics that Steve blew by or only put a small paragraph into his books that were actually heavily tested on the exams. I had a written communication on BEC that Steve maybe had three or four sentences of material for in his BEC book.

2. For as much as Steve claims to be there for his students, he really isn't much help when you try to get in touch with him. I will give him some credit: he gets back to you in a very timely manner. I think the longest I ever waited for an email reply from him was maybe an hour. However, every time I had a question about something or questioned something in his materials (more on that in point #3), he would act like it was a crime to question his review program and didn't really provide thorough explanations on things. He would just refer back to the page in the text where the content related to my question was located.

3. There seemed to be a couple of different errors in the Audit textbook that would confuse me. I don't know for 100% certain that they were in fact errors, but based on doing some reading in my college Audit book and moving onto Roger CPA Review, it seemed very likely that there were multiple errors in his text books.

For the amount of money you have to spend on CPA reviews, I highly recommend passing on MDS and doing research on other programs that have a lot more to offer in the same price range.

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