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UWorld Roger CPA Review – UWorld Roger CPA Review

Format: Online, Book/Print Material, Classroom

State(s): All

Average Cost: $1,380

Average Rating: 5

Textbook: Book/Print Material

Technical Support: (972) 887-3293

Accounting Support: (972) 887-3293

Online Tutorial: Yes


At the core of what makes UWorld Roger CPA Review different is Active Learning. This proven method centers around the principle that students learn by doing—maximizing retention and improving learning outcomes. It starts with the Question Bank (QBank), which includes thousands of practice multiple choice questions and task-based simulations based on the AICPA CPA Exam Blueprints. Questions include answer explanations from an expert team of educators and practicing CPAs. Explanations provide a thorough, yet concise breakdown of why each answer option is correct or incorrect and included vivid illustrations to summarize the concepts.

Students get the motivation they need to pass the CPA Exam through engaging and effective lectures led by the profession’s highest-rated accounting instructor, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA. Video lectures are taught through short, succinct sessions and incorporate innovative teaching techniques to break down difficult concepts, promote active learning and stimulate higher-order thinking. Each topic includes renowned memory aids and mnemonics to make the content memorable and improve recall.

The program provides additional important features to aid in student success. This includes robust performance tracking capabilities, digital flashcards with spaced repetition technology and full mobile access with the ability to sync from multiple devices. Course duration varies by package, including the option to extend course time, as well as unlimited access.

Refund Policy:


Repeat Policy:

Elite-unlimited course students have unlimited access to course materials until they pass the full CPA Exam. Students of the Premier or Single part courses have the option to extend their subscriptions. Previous students who wish to repeat their course qualify for a discount without having to meet any course progress criteria.

Access Limitations:

UWorld Roger CPA Review course requires internet. If using the mobile app, there is also the option to download lectures and eTextbooks for offline access.


Jason F on July 31, 2017 at 12:07PM said:

Roger may not be for everyone, but he WAS for me. Before you plunk down a few grand on any of the comprehensive course take a look at what Roger has to offer. I used Becker without a whole lot of success. I'm in Chicago and had never heard of Roger CPA Review before. But after passing BEC, then Reg on my first tries, AUD got me a 74, far was even tougher for me. But while watching horrible Becker lectures over and over and NOT understanding concepts I went to the web and found some YouTube vids which helped a LOT. Then I found Roger's stuff, he was great...and while studying alone all day every weekend at an empty community college in summer he made me feel like there was someone there with me helping me to stay motivated and pass. Roger Philipp, thank you for your help. And good luck to everyone else out there trying to pass this series of exams, it's difficult, but you CAN do it!

User rating: 5

david A on May 9, 2015 at 5:05PM said:

I was getting tons of email every week from Rogers CPA with discount and coupons, then I bought the full course thinking that I will be able to study but I got so busy at work and I didn't even open the box that they shipped it to me, I try to return the brand new material back to them but they refused because it's over 10 day from the receiving the materiel. So once the customer buy their product, never expect to get the money back in full, even if you return within 10 days, you will pay $200 cancellation fees. 10 days are NOT enough time to evaluate the product and people has circumstances too. If you read their terms and conditions you will know they want to RIP PEOPLE OFF

"$200.00 cancellation fee on a full course purchase, all materials must be returned within 10 days of receipt and be unused and in resalable condition. No more than 10% of any course lectures may have been viewed to qualify for a refund."

User rating: 1

Kyle W. on May 7, 2014 at 7:05PM said:

Rodger cpa is the only way to go. I know this because ive tried it all... Gleim... Becker...

Becker has a deal with the big four and offers them a massive discount and for this reason, everyone seems to use becker. Have many passed with becker? Yes... However, im not sure how. I failed over and over with becker because becker sucks. They dont explain concepts and they try to get you to memorize concepts by giving you tricks and keys.

Rodger just explains the reason why accounting concepts are the way that they are. I went into far without having memorized information, i understood why. I ended up passing all four sections. I threw my becker in the trash and now im a cpa. I recommend you do the same to save yourself a system overload and tears from failing grades.

Also becker, dont put a ancillary section in your books? Am i supposed to study this or not study this? Ohhh study if i have time... Yah.. That makes sense... Because i have extra time while studying for the cpa. Im telling you people, conceptually becker is all wrong.

Becker, get with it.

Rodger, thank you for showing me the way.

User rating: 5

Angela P. on February 5, 2014 at 9:02AM said:

Roger made a painfully boring subject entertaining which is no easy task. His review course more than adequately prepared me for the first three exams and I am confident I will pass my last exam with his product. I passed all three exam on the first try in a short amount of time:

AUD 91 July 25h, 2013

FAR 88 Dec 5th, 2013 (I took 2 months off from studying after AUD)

REG 92 Jan 17th, 2014

BEC schedule Feb 28th, 2014.

Nothing can substitute for the time you need to put in studying, but Roger made the lectures fun and educational.. I spent over 100 hours studying for each exam.

I HIGHLY recommend Roger!!!

User rating: 5

John G. on May 8, 2012 at 9:05PM said:

I used RogerCPA review for my study program. I passed all four sections on the first sit:

BEC: 92

AUD: 90

FAR: 91

REG: 85

This course was instrumental in helping succeed on the CPA exam. The lectures are good - particularly if you really don't remember a certain topic from college/graduate courses. Roger is engaging and keeps you interested in the material for the lectures. Roger's books of notes for each section are worth their weight in gold - these are well laid out and easy to read for quick reference when studying. Roger's program calls for repetition on the MCQs...practice them 2, 3, and 4 times over and learn where your weaknesses are. His program will help you hone in on weak areas and familiarize yourself with the material.

Seriously, this is a great product. I would recommend it to anyone; if you have had some trouble with studying on your own or have had problems with another review course, then give RogerCPA a try.

User rating: 5

Claudio B. on March 1, 2012 at 5:03PM said:

Just passed REG (2nd attempt).

I did ALMOST everything Roger says.

For the first attempt (failed) I viewed his videos, studied, studied, MCQs many times, studied, studied, MCQS.

For the second attempt, I studied, MCQs, TBS, MCQs, TBS, and practical tests in study-mode on the Wiley-CD. However, when I did the MCQs on the textbooks I did something different than what Rog suggests. He wants to check the answer on every MCQ, but doing that I found myself "snooping" for the next answer... No, no, no.

My approach is to set my brain in a test mode: for REG, 72 MCQs and 6 TBS, and at THE END check the answers. It's harder, but I passed it.

As he says: "It's not an IQ test, but a test of DISCIPLINE!"

PS: His RIKS - Roger tricks and mnemonics (I made it up) are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During the test, if you have not a clue on how to answer, just review in your mind his

RIKS, the answer will come up.


User rating: 5

Josephine C. on February 22, 2012 at 8:02PM said:

I love Roger!!! Keeps me very entertained and interested in accounting. He brings me back to the days when I started College and was excitied about accounting and every aspect of it. Keep up the good work Roger!!

User rating: 5

Carmon C. on November 9, 2011 at 8:11PM said:

I took the online course and passed all four parts! I definitely could not have done it without Roger! I must admit that I did use Gleim questions as part of my study regimen to pass FAR, AUD and REG. I used Roger's materials exclusively to pass BEC. Roger's lectures and study questions helped me to pass all four parts. I definitely recommend Roger's study notes and lectures! However, adding Gleim study questions for AUD, FAR, and REG surely helped!

User rating: 5

Fernando F. on August 10, 2011 at 3:08AM said:

I am currently studying for my 4th retake for Audit. I decided to go with Roger CPA Review after hearing a lot of positive reviews. I must say, this course is far the best course I have taken so far and I am confident I will pass this time finally complete all four parts of the CPA exam. My previous course is Becker and there are many differences that makes Roger course stand out. For once, Roger is full energy and very motivating. Roger actually explains the material so you can actually understand the concepts instead of memorizing mnemonics. This was my problem with my first retakes. Knowing the mnemonics is sometimes not enough. Roger courses are offered either online or on USB flash drive. I chose for online so I can study on my iphone or ipad. Yes that is right, Roger's course is available to stream on an iphone or ipad! As long as you have internet connection, this is an ideal way to study anywhere. If internet is an issue, a USB course is your best bet as all the lectures are stored on the USB drive. I noticed Roger's lectures are longer than Becker's lectures in time length, giving you an advantage in lecture time (more your money). Roger also not only goes over a few multiple choice questions, also a few TBS problems. Becker does not do this. Since TBS are now worth a more than ever, this is very beneficial. His textbook, which written by Roger are easy to read. I love Roger and his review course is the way to go! Very competitively priced, definitely chapter and better than Becker :)

User rating: 5

Barbara L. on May 25, 2011 at 3:05PM said:

I am in the process of studying for AUD and I must admit I really enjoy his review course. I paid for about half of it because my employer covered half. I have learned more in the review course than I did in my auditing classes. He really helps bring the theories together. I would really recommend it to someone who need more of an upbeat attitude. I also like the consistency. He teaches the whole course and once you get to know his teaching style you really pick up the pace. Good Luck to you all!

User rating: 5

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