2020 Effective Learning Strategies Awards

Amount: $5,000

Sponsor: AICPA / AAA

Open Date: May 29, 2020
Close Date: Jul 17, 2020

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Congratulations! You have received an invitation to present your curriculum submission at the American Accounting Association’s (AAA’s) Effective Learning Strategies (ELS) poster session. You are now on your way towards being considered for one of three awards. In order to be eligible for consideration, you must fully submit all materials electronically by Friday, July 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

Processes and Procedures

  1. Apply for participation in the AAA’s Annual Meeting ELS Poster Session.
  2. Select on the application the award you would like to be considered for.
  3. Receive an invitation from the AAA to present at the ELS Poster Session.
  4. Receive an invitation from the AICPA to upload your materials for consideration for the ELS Educator Awards program.
  5. AICPA’s Academic Executive Committee ELS Educator Awards Task Force vets all submissions.
  6. Task Force chair notifies submitters of intent to review their posters at the live poster session events at the AAA’s Annual Meeting in August.
  7. Judges visit posters sessions and determine winners and honorable mentions.
  8. Task Force chair notifies all submitters of final decision.
  9. Winners and honorable mentions are notified of next steps.

The winner(s) and honorable mention recipient(s), for each award category, will be asked to present their work at the following years American Accounting Association Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA). The top finalist(s) is/are presented with a plaque and award prize totaling $5,000. Honorable Mention recipient(s) receive a $500 award and recognition at the CTLA Awards Luncheon.

Winning lessons and related materials for all AICPA educator awards are available for download through the Accounting Professor’s Curriculum Resource.


The AICPA recognizes professors as champions of education and inspirers to thousands of college students. We are requesting professors submit their most innovative accounting course teaching techniques for the opportunity to earn an award. The winner may be an individual or group of individuals. Preference will be given to changes in a content segment or a subset of skills rather than a programmatic or curricular change. There are three awards professors can apply for:

  • Bea Sanders / AICPA Innovation in Teaching Award
      This award aims to recognize educators for their successful teaching practices in the first sequence of accounting courses (freshmen, sophomore and community college).
  • George Krull / Grant Thornton Innovation in Teaching Award
      This award is intended to recognize successful innovative practices in the teaching of junior and senior-level accounting courses.
  • Mark Chain / FSA Innovation in Graduate Teaching Award
      This award is designed to recognize exceptional graduate accounting course practices.
  • Criteria

    The AICPA’s Academic Executive Committee (EC) Teaching Innovation Task Force vets the submissions and selects a winner and honorable mentions for the three awards. They will use the following as their primary criteria to judge submissions:

    • Ability to pique students’ interest in accounting as a career
    • Adaptability for other education institutions or other situations
    • Ability to enhance student learning and to help the student learn on his or her own
    • Emphasis on the AICPA Core Competency Framework and its defined set of skill-based competencies

    Electronic Materials Required

  • Educator(s) bio(s)
  • Abstract, topical area addressed
  • Learning objectives
  • Detailed description of the case/activity and solution set (optional, but strongly recommended. Restricted access to educators only)
  • AICPA Core Competencies Addressed
  • AICPA/AAA Release Agreement to post materials on respective websites (NOTE: This release does not preclude submission of materials for publication)
  • Title and Classification (principles) of class where the materials have been used (include which teaching term the innovation was used and student reaction to innovation)
  • Rubric or assessment instrument
  • Optional (but strongly recommended): Video or podcast explaining the teaching strategy, how it was used in a class, how the students responded, and planned future changes to the strategy
  • *Submission written in third person is preferable.
    **The teaching practice may not be a commercial product for which the faculty member has financial interest.
    ***It is at the discretion of the judging committee to follow-up with any award applicant if additional information is required. Communication may be made through a video conference, phone call or email.

Have questions or need to reach someone on the Academics Team? You may reach us at .


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