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  • AICPA Minority Scholarships—what’s not to love?

    Your fairy godmother, if she were a multimillionaire bent on social justice

    Ever wish you had one of those rich friends? You know, the type who are fun, mega-generous and enjoy bestowing their wealth on worthy parties... Read >

  • Befriend your financial aid office and be financed

    Financial aid etiquette 101

    Financial aid offices and financial advisors are often challenged with the task of bringing bad news to students who are literally banking on good news. Institutional guidelines and federal regulations control the majority of their professional decisions and their advice to students-- no matter how much they like you. However, despite the limitations these offices have, you may want to consider the value of a good relationship with your school’s financial aid office. Read >

  • Conquer debt and avoid your parents' basement

    Info about loans to help you make smart choices

    Post-graduation dreams don't usually include moving back in with your parents. Unfortunately, this is a reality for thousands of undergraduates with student debt. Here’s some crucial information about the different kinds of student loans that can help you make smart choices and (hopefully) keep you out of mom & dad's basement. Read >

  • Secure an AICPA scholarship

    Be dubbed an AICPA Legacy Scholar

    If you’re looking to get a leg up on your way to CPA and itching to make your mark on the wide world of accounting in the process, then a scholarship from the AICPA might be just the thing you need. Read >

  • Write it right

    How to compose a great scholarship essay

    Since they give you cash for school and the money doesn’t have to be paid back, scholarships are a great option. But if you actually want a shot at receiving a scholarship, you have to put some work in up front by applying and writing a compelling essay. Here’s how to do just that. Read >

  • Surefire ways to sail the S.S. Scholarship

    Roughly 100x easier than babysitting for tuition money

    Applying for a scholarship is a lot like applying to a college, or defusing a warhead – the exact process often varies... Read >

  • The need–to-know on need-based aid

    Get the must-knows on how to prevent yourself from getting into a sticky financial aid situation

    Your applications are in and you’ve been accepted to your favorite school. Now who’s picking up the tab? If you’re lucky, maybe your parents, grandparents, or that lottery ticket you bought last night. But chances are some, if not all, of your college costs will fall into your own hands. If that’s the case, you can join the 14 million students just like you who rely on need-based financial aid to help pay for college. Read >

  • Majorly succeeding as a minority student

    Tips for thriving in the CPA profession

    Jackie Robinson. Michael Jordan. Roberto Clemente. What would sports be without these legendary icons? These players were able to break boundaries as well as records. Read >

  • The loan groan

    Repayment options simplified

    Each repayment plan comes with its very own specific rules and regulations. It’s important to do your research but below you will find general descriptions of each repayment program so that you can start attempting to compare your options and go after the ones that that seem most appropriate for your financial situation. Read >

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