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  • 8 steps to land your top choice MAcc program

    A checklist to rock your application and interview

    When it comes to grad school applicants, admissions offices have seen it all. And sadly, those who don’t come prepared to an interview or fill out their application and supplemental materials appropriately often put themselves in line for a denial letter. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few tips compiled by the Master of Accounting admissions team at the UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School. Read >

  • Accounting abroad: benefits and opportunities

    Perks to studying over seas

    With many colleges and universities offering hundreds of study-abroad programs, students can visit beautiful places, meet new friends and get a taste of local culture. Yet, accounting students can cast a much wider net and reap huge educational benefits when they spend a semester in a foreign country – and bring this knowledge back home with them. Read >

  • Ask not what you can do for your grad school

    Questions to ask to see what your grad school can do for you

    You’ll be putting a lot of time, energy, and money into your graduate degree, so ask these questions to make sure that it is a good starting place to your hopeful final destination Read >

  • Get a head start in the rat race

    Five tips for prepping for your career while in college

    You’ve probably been thinking about that dream job for a while now. Since you already know that you want that great gig, it’s probably a good idea to start lining yourself up for it now, right? (The answer is yes.) Read >

  • The right (study) stuff

    The science behind an A+ study group

    Starting a study group is kind of like those elementary school science projects you remember: You can learn a lot and it can be fun, but, if you don't mix the right stuff together, it might explode. Use the checklist below to make sure that you get all the right ingredients so that your study group is blue-ribbon worthy. Read >

  • This isn’t a “warm-up” semester

    Starting strong as a freshman

    Freshman year is the best chance you’ll see to get involved, get focused and get yourself in great shape for Sophomore year and beyond. Read >

  • Beyond the bachelor’s degree: MAcc vs. MBA

    Should you plan to get an advanced degree?

    As you work toward becoming a CPA, there are some other letters you can earn behind your name. Two of the most popular are MAcc (Master of Accountancy) and MBA... Read >

  • AICPA Minority Scholarships—what’s not to love?

    Your fairy godmother, if she were a multimillionaire bent on social justice

    Ever wish you had one of those rich friends? You know, the type who are fun, mega-generous and enjoy bestowing their wealth on worthy parties... Read >

  • Befriend your financial aid office and be financed

    Financial aid etiquette 101

    Financial aid offices and financial advisors are often challenged with the task of bringing bad news to students who are literally banking on good news. Institutional guidelines and federal regulations control the majority of their professional decisions and their advice to students-- no matter how much they like you. However, despite the limitations these offices have, you may want to consider the value of a good relationship with your school’s financial aid office. Read >

  • Conquer debt and avoid your parents' basement

    Info about loans to help you make smart choices

    Post-graduation dreams don't usually include moving back in with your parents. Unfortunately, this is a reality for thousands of undergraduates with student debt. Here’s some crucial information about the different kinds of student loans that can help you make smart choices and (hopefully) keep you out of mom & dad's basement. Read >

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